CAE Prevention / Disease Prevention

  • Our entire herd tested Negative for CAE & Johnes January 2018.
  • All goats are tested yearly for CAE.
  • NO CAE or Johnes positive goats live or have lived on the property
  • NO goats are admitted onto the property without proof of their CAE negative status.
  • Copies of our testing results can be provided by request. Please ask if you are interested.
  • We do not offer stud service or offer any caprine services that would involve other outside goats coming onto our property.

Natural Goatkeeping

  • We feed both our does and bucks an organic feed made by New Country Organics.
  • We feed Chaffhaye to give our bucks and does a non GMO source for probiotics and protein.
  • And, lastly we feed some alfalfa/grass and sometimes straight non GMO alfalfa to our does to help with milk production
    Copper and Selenium Practices.

Copper and Selenium Practices

Kid Raising

  • Doodle Acres wholly believes in humane and sustainable farming. For this reason we give our does the chance to raise their own kids. We believe keeping the kids can help keep up long term production and is also much better for the does' mental state. After 5 months carrying kids and everything the does give us as owners, we feel the least we can allow the does is a chance to raise their kids.
  • It is a myth that dam raised kids cannot be as friendly as dam raised kids. We handle our kids daily and have never had a kid that hasn't benefited from the attention. If I go out in the field to see the goats I can expect to have at least 3/4 if not all of my dam raised kids coming over to me for attention!

Doodle Acres Goats

Purebred & Registered
Linear Appraisal
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