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Thank you for checking out Doodle Goats! Please just take a minute to review our sales policy. Questions can be sent in using the form on our Contact Page.

Reservations / Waiting List

  • Reservations are honored on a first come first serve basis.
  • Reservations can be made with a $100 deposit for first choice reservations. The $100 will count toward the purchase of the kid.
  • Reservation deposits are non-refundable unless the reserved kid was retained or not born. In that case we will happily refund the deposit or the buyer can choose to leave it and keep their reservation for the next year.
  • First choice reservations are considered to be any reservations where we are not planning on retaining a doe/buck or there are no other reservations. Second choice reservations can be made free of charge but we ask you have serious intent to purchase or let us know if you change your mind. Blowing off a reservation for no reason is a good way to ensure we will not work with you in the future.
  • Anything on the waiting and kidding list, including possible prices are subject to change.
  • Doodle Goats retains the right to retain any kid despite reservations.
  • We have the right to refuse a sale to anyone at any time and for any reason.

We ask you have serious intent to purchase or let us know if you change your mind. We respect our reservation holders and will contact you if what you reserved comes available.- I only take reservations on breedings where I believed the desired kid will possibly be born. Or in the case of does in milk, where I believe they will be available.

Blowing off a reservation for no good reason is a good way to ensure we will not work with you in the future. We always strive to be honest, upfront, and accommodating to our buyers. We simply ask that they act with the same level of respect for our time and energy.


  • All kids are disbudded. No exceptions.
  • Wethers are surgically castrated.
  • For the last few years we've taken the lead of other breeders and not vaccinated. We understand though that this may not fit with everyone's style of goat keeping so if you would like your kid vaccinated please let us know in advance. Additional charges will be applied.
  • All our does are tested yearly for CAE. Results are always available by request. We are willing to do additional testing for buyer but additional charges will be applied.

Bred Does

Occasionally we sell bred does or have does that we are willing to breed before they leave. If an owner wants a doe bred, and the kids in their herdname, the entire amount must be paid upfront along with the breeding fee. Once the doe is bred we like for the doe to stay for an additional 21 days to ensure she doesn't come back into heat. This helps save the buyer a trip back to us and helps with biosecurity on both sides. Afterwards once the doe has been picked up, it is the owner's responsibility to do bloodwork or have an ultrasound done to fully confirm the doe is bred.

Picking Kids up / Shipping

  • Kids will be ready for pick up at 8 weeks old.
  • It is the owner's responsibility to work out pick-up on any kid.
  • If the kid is being shipped via an airline we will call the airline and arrange the shipping.
  • After weaning and receiving the goat's price minus their deposit, we give the owner 2 week to pick-up their kid. Unless other arrangements have been made with us.
  • After two weeks board of $1.50 a day will be applied and must be paid off before the kid leaves.
  • After 30 days the buyer will forfeit their deposit and the kid will be made available.
  • We can ship kids out of either Dulles or Baltimore Washington International Airport(BWI). Fees include their crate, shipping, and transport fee to the airport. For more details and an estimate, please contact us.

Picking Up Adult Goats

  • All adults are for sale on a first-come-first-serve basis. Unless we have a deposit the goat will be considered available. Deposits can be made via PayPal.
  • Unless another date or length of time is arranged with us you are expected to pick-up the your goat(s) within one week. After 2 weeks board of $3 a day will be applied and the balance must be paid before pick-up.
  • Arranging transport is the responsibility of the buyer unless you require air shipping.
  • Failure to pick-up your goat within the allotted time or properly coordinate/arrange transport can cause your deposit to be forfeited.


  • All goats are registered with ADGA.
  • A sales contract must be signed before any goat leaves the property.
  • If you are picking up an adult you will receive the signed papers at pick up.
  • If you are picking up a kid you will receive your papers by mail after your goat has been registered.
  • If you lose your papers there is $30 fee for getting new ones. This compensates us for the reprint fee, shipping, and our time. We advise putting your papers away as soon as you get them to avoid losing them.
  • We do not register with AGS or NDGA, but your ADGA papers should be enough to register if you want to do that. If you need our help to register in other registries we will help you out.


Having livestock is similar to having children. It's a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year job. They have no control over when they get sick, or need to be fed and cared for. They need their hooves trimmed regularly and should always have access to hay, water, and shelter.

If any of these things sound like something you may have difficulty with or cannot offer, then goats are not for you.

Questions? Please us the form on our Contact Page.

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